Customs Forms

Guides to Customs forms

You can find guides to completing the customs forms from this link.

Halkan ayaad  ka  heli kartaa tix raaca foomka customska oo dhamaystiran this link.

Goods declaration form

The link below is to the form (in English) that traders must complete when declaring goods for import at Customs depots.

Halkan ka soo dajiso – Goods Declaration Form – English

Goods Declaration Form Continuation Sheet

Halkana waxaad ka heli kartaa inta ka harsan Foomka loo yiqaano (Goods Declaration Form)

Halkan ka soo dajiso – Continuation Sheet – English

Simplified Goods Declaration Form

The simplified Goods Declaration form is for declaring:

  • non-commercial goods that are liable to duties, and
  • commercial goods arriving as passenger baggage through the airport (‘tag bags’).

Halkan ka soo dajiso – Simplified Goods Declaration Form – English